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Diane Lee

The Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) serves students across all colleges and programs, including transfer students, new freshmen, and continuing students. Our programs honor the potential of all students by offering intellectual challenges, exceptional opportunities in and beyond the classroom, and valuable academic support and assistance. Ultimately, the goal of UAA is student success; that students graduate and are well prepared for careers, further education, and their responsibilities as contributing members of society.

~Diane Lee
Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education


The Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs enriches the undergraduate student experience academically, socially, and civically. Working independently and collaboratively, our units offer programs that contribute to student success and support the broader mission of the University.


Our mission is to lead and connect to the UMBC community by coordinating university-wide initiatives designed to support students toward successful completion of their academic journey at UMBC and to ensure they are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. UAA is involved in developing and revising curricula, programs, and academic policy and in fostering external relations to deliver a distinctive experience for all undergraduates.

Honors College

Honors College

The Honors College is an integral part of the UMBC community, offering talented students a challenging and interdisciplinary academic program within the broader university.


Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS)

Interdisciplinary Studies serves UMBC students whose interests and professional goals reach beyond the boundaries of a traditional major. In-depth advising combines with a core curriculum to help students design and implement unique, interdisciplinary degrees.


Learning Resources Center (LRC)

The LRC is UMBC’s comprehensive undergraduate academic support program. Our mission is to provide services that act as a catalyst for UMBC undergraduates to reach their academic goals and become independent, lifelong learners.

Meyerhoff Program

Meyerhoff Scholars Program

The Meyerhoff Scholars Program is at the forefront of efforts to increase diversity among future leaders in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other related fields. The UMBC Meyerhoff family is strong with alumni across the nation.

Office of Undergraduate Education

Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)

OUE provides first-year programs to serve students in all colleges at UMBC with first-year experiences, support for undergraduate research, programming for transfer students, and academic policy administration for students in all colleges at UMBC.

Sherman Program

Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars Program

The Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars Program supports students who want to be highly qualified science and math teachers. Sherman scholars are prepared to meet the needs of students from all backgrounds and to work in challenging schools in urban and other settings.

The Women's Center

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center at UMBC advances gender equity from an intersectional feminist perspective through co-curricular programming, support services, and advocacy for marginalized individuals and communities. We prioritize critical social justice as our community value, with a deliberate focus on women, gender, anti-racism, and feminism.

All are welcome as long as they respect women. Their experiences. Their stories. Their potential.